Jeddah Post Office: Digital Queuing Technology Improves Customer Satisfaction

CASE STUDY: Jeddah Post Office

How LamasaTech Improved Customer Satisfaction and Staff Motivation with a Digital Queue Management System


Jeddah Post Office in Saudi Arabia serves between 800 and 900 customers each day. Their existing queuing system was inadequate – customers would queue at the desk after being given a ticket by a security guard. This led to congestion and confusion, making customers impatient and putting staff under pressure.


  • Modernise & digitise the existing process
  • Alleviate the pressure on staff
  • Improve customer experience


After consultation to understand the client’s needs, LamasaTech installed:

  • A ticket dispenser touch screen
  • LED displays
  • A seated waiting area to prevent queues and congestion
  • Electronic customer calling
  • An interactive 7” customer feedback screen at clerks’ desks


This modern queuing system ensures a high volume of customers can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Consequently, Jeddah Post Office has seen a dramatic improvement in both customer satisfaction and staff motivation.

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