Jeddah Food: Increased User Adoption with Android App Development


Jeddah Food had created a popular iPhone app that listed places to eat in the Saudi Arabian city, based on the geographical location of the user. The app contained phone numbers, website addresses, user reviews, a photo gallery and maps for a comprehensive list of cafés and restaurants.


  • Increase the number of users
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Drive revenue growth
  • Develop new features to improve user experience


After a consultation to understand the client’s needs, we:

  • Conducted intensive user research and lots of usability testing
  • Created interactive wireframes
  • Updated branding and visuals
  • Developed a back-end website, categorised by area, type of food, etc
  • Added notifications and maps to the app
  • Integrated the app with social media platforms

We were trusted to roll out an already popular app on the Android platform, developing new functionality and incorporating improvements such as the ability to leave restaurant reviews, and upload photos.


The new Android app has increased user numbers, brand awareness and made Jeddah Food even more popular among users.


Android App, QSR

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