How Does Hologram Technology Work, and Why is it Becoming Vital?

Holograms and how they work

In simple terms, a hologram technology is a three-dimensional projection which can be seen without using any special equipment such as cameras or glasses. The image can be viewed from any angle, so as the user walks around the display the object will appear to move and shift realistically. Holographic images can be static, such as a picture of a product, or they may be animated sequences which can be watched by multiple people from any viewpoint.

The technology used to capture and project Holograms has advanced rapidly in recent years. These latest techniques allow increasingly convincing and interactive models to be displayed and are expected to become even more widespread in the future.

Now that we’ve got a better idea of how holograms technology work, let’s take a look at the areas most impacted by hologram:

The healthcare industry

Doctors and patients alike will benefit from radical new applications of holograms to the medical industry. The type of data provided by modern imaging techniques such as MRI and CAT scans can be easily translated into digital information. Traditionally, doctors have viewed this data on computer screens in 2D slices. Medical hologram technology will allow a complete 3D visualisation of internal organs and body parts. This will allow doctors a greater ability to examine diseases and injuries in individual patients and will lead to more accurate diagnoses.

This technology can also be used in the new field of surgical pre-planning. Prior to making the first incision, the surgeon can fully visualise the entire course of the operation. By understanding exactly what precise cuts are to be made, the chances of a successful outcome are vastly improved.

High-tech security

If you want to see how holograms are being used to improve security, simply open your wallet. Banknotes, identity cards and credit cards have all adopted security holograms in recent years. Holograms such as these require expensive equipment to create and make forgery much more difficult. The new generation of security holograms offer a host of features such as full-colour and three-dimensional images, moving displays, individual customised text and serial numbers, all of which will make illegal replication almost impossible.

Entertainment and gaming

Holographic entertainment is no longer simply a science fiction dream. One of the most visible applications of this technology in recent years has been its use in concerts. Stars from the past can be resurrected to perform once again, and even accompany modern artists live on stage.

These displays can also be used for live performances where the musicians are not physically present, instead transmitting their image to appear before the audience.

In the area of gaming, holographic display table which allow real-time multiplayer games are already being tested. Manufacturers are also integrating this technology into the next generation of smartphone displays, which will allow portable 3D gaming.

In the classroom

One of the most exciting application of holograms is to the improvement of the educational experience. In order to engage students more fully, interactive digital lessons will be used in schools. This combination of digital and real-world information is known as mixed reality.

Complex subjects can be taught using holographic images that students can interact with and examine. For example, pupils can virtually explore the ruins of ancient building during history lessons, or observe individual atomic particles and how they behave.


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