Hampshire County Council: Improving Customer Satisfaction with Real-Time Feedback

The survey system is very easy to use and it’s great to have the options of using a wide variety of question types – like smiley faces. We’ve been able to identify little issues as they arise and make quick fixes to improve customer satisfaction. We were never aware of these before we started using the survey system, as customers are much more likely to leave feedback now rather than having to report something to staff. Online support via live chat is excellent and very responsive. LamasaTech have been really easy to deal with and the personal service we’ve received has been fantastic from the first point of contact and has continued throughout the whole process.

Paul Del-A-More, Senior Projects Manager
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Hampshire County Council manages and maintains a large number of country parks across Hampshire. The parks are popular tourist destinations and attract a large number of visitors every week.

The council needed a solution to get feedback from their visitors at the point of experience, so they could gather more insightful responses in real-time.

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Hampshire Council survey kiosk


  • Provide an alternative to gathering feedback using traditional email surveys after a visit
  • Empower the workforce with feedback which can be used to correct issues as they arise
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Hampshire County Council selected our freestanding, branded Dynamo survey and feedback kiosks to implement across their country parks. The kiosks are hardwired, meaning the council doesn’t need to worry about keeping batteries charged, and they are 4G enabled so they can connect wirelessly to the cloud.

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From the outset of their initial pilot, Hampshire Council has been able to utilise a wide range of question types to get feedback from visitors, as well as move the kiosks around their sites as and when they need to.

Following the successful pilot, Hampshire County Council decided to roll out 13 survey kiosks across all of their parks.

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