Employee Temperature Checks: What Employers Need to Know!

It’s hard to pretend that the world was ready for COVID-19. Some of the brightest minds that the world has ever seen warned us against an impending epidemic that could potentially happen that would have a devastating effect on the world.

In fact, 2015 saw Bill Gates do a TedTalk where he told his audience that the world wasn’t ready. “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus,” he said. Here we are, halfway through the year, a few months after a world epidemic, and the numbers site at 350,000 deaths and counting.

Part of this is due to the unsafe, and unregulated way in which people go about their lives. Having the forethought to have enough surgical masks for something that is a possibility is perhaps taking it a bit far, but as for preventative measures, taking temperatures is something that we already have the technology for, and could be implementing something similar worldwide.

Taking Temperatures

What would it be like, if every supermarket, business, store, train station or airport, had a mandatory body temperature measurement kiosk? Complete with facial recognition and designed to be fully automated to give you an accurate reading. It would change the way that the world works and could have prevented a lot of damage that has happened to the world and is still to happen in the future!

The LamasaTech Body Temperature Measurement Kiosk is designed to be a contact-free, stand-free device, without need to network connection, able to automatically detect who you are from a database, and check your temperature. Not only will it tell you how hot or cold you’re running, but whether or not you should be wearing a mask.

For employers, this could be vital. Everybody wants to work and earn money and make a living. Some companies also want to ensure that they’re able to meet tight deadlines and be able to keep the lights on. Checking the temperature of employees could have saved many businesses a lot of money. Employee temperature checks could minimize the risk of disease spread across the office, but still, allow for people to be regularly screen. If you’re showing any kind of fever, you can be sent home before you impact other employees around you.

Employee temperature checks, while perhaps previously were seen as necessary, could very well have a place in today’s business world.

What are Your Rights?

According to the CIPD, the legal position concerning taking the temperatures of employees in connection with the coronavirus is similar to medical testing of employees for other reasons. With certain contracts, you may find a clause that requires employees to undergo drug tests. You may be able to put employee temperature checks under that, but the two are quite far apart.

The easiest way to make sure that you are covered as an employer is to get an employee’s consent, you’re not mandated to undergo employee temperature checks though. This should be relatively simple as employee temperature checks are not invasive at all, and merely take a few seconds to conduct.

Bear in mind this only really applies if your business is considered essential, or as more and more companies go back to everyday life, those companies that wish to keep their employees working safely by implementing social distancing and temperature checks.

Using Tech to Navigate Potential Threats

These kinds of body temperature measurement kiosks can provide concrete evidence to employees and employers as to whether or not a member of staff is suffering. This doesn’t just apply to Coronavirus, but more so to anything else that may start to rear its head as world globalization continues.

Each kiosk is designed to help prevent the spread of viruses and maintains a healthy environment for all employees at the company, including general public where needed, such as bathrooms, supermarkets or anywhere else. LamasaTech Body Temperature Measurement Kiosks are designed as high-tech control measures, ideal for use on entry and will work flawlessly on a desk, mounted on a wall, or free-standing.

The device will display temperature between the range of 10 and 42 degrees Celsius within seconds on the 8-inch IPS screen. There’s no touching or logging in needed as it also allows for 1-1 facial recognition, with a half a degree of accuracy.

To find out more about LamasaTech and body temperature measurement kiosks, get in touch today. Protect your workplace for your customers and your employees today!

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