LamasaTech Introduces Instant Email Alerts and ID Badge Printing to Temperature Measurement Kiosks

LamasaTech Introduces Instant Email Alerts and ID Badge Printing to Temperature Measurement Kiosks

LamasaTech has released instant email alerts and ID badge printing as new developments to their cutting-edge temperature kiosks being rolled out globally.

Temperature Kiosk Being Used By Man At Reception
Temperature kiosk being used in desktop configuration at reception

Non-contact kiosks are capable of analysing, with great precision, the temperature of individuals, thus being able to detect cases of fever in an instant. LamasaTech’s temperature measurement kiosks are being rolled out on a massive scale to help organisations worldwide to resume operations and return to work safely as the world recovers from COVID-19. These state-of-the-art kiosks are fully automated and 100% non-contact, unlike handheld thermometers which require a staff member to be on entry points at all times.

The new alerts feature sends instant email alerts to management when an individual has an abnormal temperature reading, based on the temperature threshold selected. Additionally, email alerts can be sent if users are not wearing a mask and for certain user types only. ID badge printing offers automatic thermal printing of ID badges for visitors and staff that have passed the temperature check and are allowed to enter the facilities.

“LamasaTech’s temperature scanning devices gave us a fast, reliable and affordable solution…”

Chad Ergun, CIO at DGS Law

Mahmoud Elsaid, Managing Director at LamasaTech said: “We are proud to have been the first company to provide this technology to the market. Email alerts are such an important feature for our customers so that management is kept informed and can uphold their duty of care for employees. We’ll continue to innovate and bring new features to our temperature check kiosks so that our customers will always receive cutting-edge technology.”

Currently, many companies are preparing action plans to resume operations and welcome back staff, following the de-escalation of lockdown in many countries.

In addition to measures such as hand sanitisers and desk shields, temperature screening kiosks are part of the first line of defence for organisations to detect individuals who may have symptoms of the coronavirus. The devices are not medical devices, and thus anyone identified with an abnormal temperature can be advised to self-isolate and seek a medical examination.

Please wear a mask message on temperature kiosk
Instruction given to user to wear a mask before entering

Scanning temperature in around 1 second, the device provides a reading with outstanding accuracy of 0.5˚C/0.9˚F from a distance of 0.5-.1.0 metre, which allows social distancing between the user and member of staff if used on a desktop such as a reception desk. Other features include export of logs to excel and verbal and traffic light style warnings. Various configurations are available including desktop stand, wall mount, surface mount and freestanding pedestal.

LamasaTech’s automatic non-contact kiosk allows the customised configuration of an acceptable temperature threshold, as well as its integrated placement in gates, turnstiles and doors; this way, the employer is assured to have absolute and definitive control over access. In addition, LamasaTech allows the incorporation of a complex facial recognition algorithm. The kiosks are plug and play out-of-the-box, requiring only the power supply to operate, and are designed to operate 24/7 without any downtime. The devices utilise a German manufactured temperature sensor, from the same manufacturer as the sensors used in reputable handheld thermometers.

LamasaTech’s temperature scanning devices gave us a fast, reliable and affordable solution. We replaced several manual scanning stations, eliminated the need for full-time attendants, and reduced potential exposure and risk. With LamasaTech’s kiosks, we can have not only our employees scanned with face recognition but also cover one-time visitors, clients, delivery personnel and others. We reviewed 3 other products – their technical capabilities, support structure, pricing and delivery times. We rank each product based on our requirements and LamasaTech came up with the highest score across all four categories.

Chad Ergun, CIO at DGS Law

The kiosks are in operation worldwide in a range of settings including corporate offices, factories, warehouses and retail stores. LamasaTech is shipping kiosks on a massive scale, providing delivery worldwide within 7 working days. Customers including Fedway Associates, Marine Travelift, MDRT, and DGS Law have shared testimonials attesting to the accuracy and efficiency of the kiosks.

The original press release can be found here.


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