Digital Menu Boards – Are They Worth Your Investment?

Digital menu boards are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and for good reason. Find out why a digital menu board is a great investment for your restaurant.

What are digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards – as the name suggests – are digital signage boards which can display your restaurant / QSR menu.

They’re most commonly used in the restaurant business as a marketing strategy. They provide cost-effective and quick ways for restaurant owners to update their menus and include promotional messages.

As such, you can do away with printing costs, increase your brand awareness and be in a position to change any promotional items, offering your business control of marketing.

Main features of digital menu boards

• Quickly and easily updatable
• Reduced printing costs
• Pushes content to a single location
• Schedules automatic appearances of content at given times during the day
• Adds to your brand’s professional appearance
• Provides an engaging, appealing and eye-catching way of displaying your content

Interested? Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons a digital menu board is worth the investment:

A more visual customer experience

With a digital menu board, you get to replace the traditional printed posters and signs. Customer will get a more realistic, visual representation of what they should expect from your kitchen.

This is a great way to keep your customers interested and looking forward to leaving with a full stomach. They will also help you control what your customers keep their eyes on. Playing a video will keep them entertained and educated as they wait in line to be served. It will also draw in more people from outside who will be curious to see what is being played or served in your restaurant.

Huge time savings

Imagine working at a restaurant that uses manual menus that workers always have to flip whenever it is past the stated breakfast time. This is a tedious and uneccesary task that can be solved by the use of a digital menu.

When you use a digital menu, its flexible software will help you communicate messages clearly whenever and wherever you want. You can use the software to set the digital menu to change as required.

It could be at certain hours every day for daily specials or for other timely promotions. Also, no matter how many establishments you own or how far apart they are, a single change in the digital menu can update all the others in your various restaurants.

A great return on investment

Any restaurant that doesn’t have a digital menu will always have recurring costs to factor into their budget. Once you invest in a digital menu, you will not need to send out regular promotions or incur printing expenses to change your menu. Staff will also no longer have to keep tearing down and replacing old menu boards.

Apart from cutting down on printer costs, you also make your design easier as you can get as creative as you like by being able to control the user experience using the signage software. The software is easy to learn and navigate, so you will not need a middleman to provide training.

A more memorable customer experience

What are customers more likely to remember: a restaurant that uses traditional menus, or a restaurant that has fully embraced digital technology?

Digital menus keep your customers entertained. Placing one in front of your restaurant is a great way of drawing in anyone passing by. It is a great way to make your menu come to life. Apart from listing all the items you have available, it has pleasant graphics and includes specials and educational videos that your customers are bound to enjoy. Some areas also require the restaurant owners to list the calorie content of the food they sell.

Market your restaurant 24/7

With a digital menu, you get to take your restaurant outside. This means that no employee will be handing out menus to passersby outside your establishment. People can learn about your story even when you are closed. If your restaurant is located in a busy place, put up an evening schedule using your digital signage software. This way, anyone walking past it late in the night will likely come in for a bite.

Use digital menu signage to make your customers come back for more. You can do this by including videos that demonstrate your top chef making the best dish or customers showing their happiness due to the services received or scrumptious meals served by your restaurant. A digital menu board is a sure way to better your business and is a worthy investment for any restaurant owner. Get one installed in your restaurant and watch your business grow immensely.

At LamasaTech we strive to create convenient, cost-effective digital menu board solutions. If you’re looking to take your restaurant to the next level with digital menu boards, Get in touch for a free consultation.


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