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How To Clean Your Touch Screen Displays & Kiosks

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Caring for your touch screen devices such as displays or kiosks involves keeping the screen clean to maintain optimum user experience, as well as minimising germ and virus spread, especially when touch screens are often used in high traffic areas.

Types of Touch Screen

There are several types of touch technology which is used in commercial-grade touch screens – Projective Capacitive (PCAP), resistive and infrared (IR). It’s important to check which type of technology is used in your device to ensure you care for your device fleet and to maximise their lifespan without damage.How To Clean Your Touch Screen Displays & Kiosks

LamasaTech uses PCAP touch screen technology in all of our touch screen products. PCAP has sensors behind the glass – just like a smartphone or tablet. PCAP is extremely durable, has a robust coating to protect the screen and limit fingerprints, and is completely flat with no ridges for sensors where dust and grime can gather. It’s the best touch technology to use in public and high traffic areas for this very reason.

The screens can be cleaned easily using a gentle cleaning product. It’s good practice to clean your screens regularly, ideally on a daily basis. This will help limit the spread of bacteria and viruses but also it’s a great way to ensure a good user experience by keeping the screen clear and fingerprint-free.

Here’s our 3 tips for cleaning your devices:

1. Use a gentle cleaning product

The touch screens and metal surround can be cleaned using a standard glass cleaner. Take care not to use an abrasive or harsh cleaner as this could cause damage or affect the lifetime of your screens. For example, you could use standard touch screen cleaning wipes or isopropyl alcohol sprayed on a soft cloth.

2. Buff the touch screen

To remove any leftover residue from the cleaning product, we recommend using a soft microfibre cloth to buff the screen and remove any marks or fingerprints.

How To Clean Your Touch Screen Displays & Kiosks

3. Promote good handwashing practice

Good handwashing practice is the best way to keep your devices clean, limit the spread of bacteria, and avoid your touch screens becoming marked and dirty.  This means encouraging individuals to keep their hands clean by washing hands with soap and water or using a hand gel when on the move. We’d recommend having an antibacterial gel dispenser in any high traffic areas.


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