Civil Aviation Authority in Middle East: Self-Service Kiosks

CASE STUDY: Civil Aviation Authority

LamasaTech Improves User Experience and Reduces Resource Costs at a Civil Aviation Authority in the Middle East


lamasaTech were approached to supply a number of self service kiosks. These kiosks were required to allow the user to perform multiple tasks. These tasks included

  • making payments
  • making phone calls
  • scanning barcodes

The kiosks were required to have the ability display information in real-time.


LamasaTech produced a number of full self-service kiosks that would allow users to perform multiple tasks including payments and telephone calls. All of the kiosks were anti vandal and secure with full corporate branding. They were equipped with a full receipt printer, keyboard, trackball and VIOP facility. The kiosks have the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies and they are in operation 24 hours a day. Each kiosk is equipped with a content management system allowing staff to remotely update information onto the kiosks. These kiosks were equipped with a control management system.

This system controls the kiosk’s heartbeat and the kiosk’s outer shell ensuring that the application can easily restart in the unlikely event of a crash. If a failure occurs the kiosk restarts, reports errors to admin and reports on the hardware status in real time. This allows piece of mind when deploying and updating large scale roll outs.


  • Full self service kiosks
  • Anti vandal fully ventilated and secure
  • Keyboard and track ball
  • VOIP Facility
  • Full content management system


LamasaTech produced a number of kiosks that were able to perform a number of tasks efficiently. By implementing these kiosks visitors were able to complete a number of actions independently. As a result, users are empowered and have the best experience possible and overall operational efficiency is increased. By allowing visitors to perform their tasks independently this also increased overall time efficiency as no staff are needed, this in turn reduces costs.


Content Management System, Interactive Kiosk, self-service kiosk, VoIP

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