BP – MultiWall Connect: Interactive Collaboration & Project Management

CASE STUDY: MultiWall Connect for BP

Interactive Software Solution Streamlines Collaboration & Planning at BP


BP pride themselves on working in an agile way, and their process includes a morning ‘stand up’ meeting where the team gather thoughts and discuss issues. Traditionally they used a white board and sticky notes, but notes could get lost or damaged, and there was no easy way to record information and update throughout the day.


BP needed an innovative software solution that would enable them to improve efficiency and streamline this process, making it easier than ever to record project progress.


  • Provide software solution that would improve efficiency and project management
  • Solution had to be device agnostic so it could be used across offices and locations on available technology


Our solution was based on our popular MultiWall Connect product – a software application that runs on multitouch screens. MultiWall allows screen sharing, making it the perfect tool for cross-site meetings, and offers effective communication between devices – from mobile device to interactive screen, for example.

We designed and built bespoke, interactive functionality for MultiWall Connect that BP staff could customize according to their needs.

As a result, staff now allocate virtual sticky notes to the relevant part of the template on the interactive screen, and these can be edited, moved and altered as work progresses.


BP management and staff are delighted with their new custom-built software solution, which saves them time, streamlines day-to-day processes and consequently makes project management easier than ever before.


Experiential, Interactive Software, Touch Screen Technology

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