4 Self-Service Kiosk Uses you Might Not Have Thought Of

Self-service kiosk uses have diversified hugely in recent years, but many people are unaware of these developments in the technology. Common self-service kiosk uses range from ticketing and ordering to information points and wayfinding, but there are many others you might not have considered.

These uses range from charity donations to digital concierge services and more. So, let’s explore some of the self-service kiosk uses you may not have thought of in more detail!


It’s a myth that self-service kiosks have to fulfil a purely utilitarian function. Because of the diverse range of hardware available when designing a kiosk, they can be adapted to fit a multitude of entertainment functions, including:

  • Games: because many kiosks run using Android or Windows-based operating systems, they are compatible with a huge range of games and game development tools. This allows existing games to function on kiosk hardware and bespoke games to be created using already established technologies.
  • Bespoke software: similarly, Android and Windows operating systems support a wide array of software development tools, making it possible to develop engaging bespoke software.
  • Video, image and audio content: if you’re looking to engage and entertain users of your self-service kiosk but don’t want to develop bespoke games or apps, there are a multitude of options when it comes to displaying audio-visual content.
  • Social content: many self-service kiosks make it easy to integrate social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more with their user interface, creating a great way to keep users engaged and provide them with extra information and images.

Charity donations

One of the most unique self-service kiosk uses is for charity donations. These kiosks many of the features you have come to expect from self-service kiosks – large interactive touch displays, payment functionality and ticket printing – and repurposes them so they can be used to enable charitable donations.

This self-service technology has been adopted widely by the museums and heritage sector, as they are particularly interested in alternative, creative funding methods. Self-service kiosks are often paired with engaging interactive exhibitions in order to create a memorable experience that will make visitors more like to donate to the museum.

Digital receptionist and concierge

Ever since the implementation of GDPR, the need to embrace a digital visitor sign-in and management system has increased hugely. Digital receptionist kiosks can be used in manned or unmanned front desks and serve a wide variety of functions, including:

  • Registering and signing in staff members, visitors, contractors, students and more.
  • Informing a host that their guest has arrived on site via email or SMS notification.
  • Displaying emergency evacuation lists.
  • Staff/building directories, wayfinding maps and digital signage functionality.

A digital receptionist and concierge kiosk is a great way to streamline your administration and sign-in processes, saving your organisation valuable resources.

Job applications

Many shops and job centres offer the ability for visitors to apply for jobs using a self-service kiosk. They can browse all jobs available, fill in their contact details

Not only is this a creative, functional self-service kiosk use, it also provides an accessible way for people who may not have easy access to a computer or tablet to apply for jobs.

As new technologies and requirements emerge, the spectrum of self-service kiosk uses continues to diversify. This will no doubt cause new and exciting uses for self-service kiosk technology as new requirements continue to emerge.

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