3D Holographic Displays & Transparent Boxes

Our cutting-edge holographic and transparent box displays present a unique solution for retail, museums, education and public areas.

They can be used to model or demonstrate your product, bringing it to life in the most innovative way, as well as communicating informative messages to users or prospective clients in an attention-grabbing format.

We design and develop our 3D holographic displays and transparent boxes in-house, meaning we can customise your solution with branding, bespoke housing and creative content.

Our global distribution channels allow us to supply internationally, with installation, support and maintenance services also available.

Transparent Boxes

One of the most popular solutions for showcasing products and driving target audience engagement – Transparent Boxes combine stunning visuals and interactivity in a single enclosure, designed to grab attention and heighten product awareness.

With standard sizes of 19″ – 70″, and with made-to-measure enclosures also available, Transparent Boxes present an innovative and flexible way to promote products and brands.

3D Holographic Displays

3D Holographic Displays enable companies to present transparent video content, showcasing products or projects in a high-tech and eye-catching way. Holographic Displays are a particularly effective way to present 3D models that truly bring your products to life.

Our 3D Holographic Displays come as 180, 270 and 360 degree enclosures, with sizes ranging from 15″ – 167″. For further info and pricing, please contact us.

Virtual Mannequins

A cost-effective, portable and fast solution for relaying important information to the public, in a distinctive and futuristic format. Video messages are recorded and represented by the mannequin to provide the illusion of a real person.

Virtual Mannequins take many forms, and while most are of a lifelike member of staff, it’s possible to showcase almost any figure using this technology – such as animated characters and 3D models.

We also provide bespoke holographic and transparent display solutions, designed and implemented exclusively for our clients, with unparalleled on-going product support.

We invest in economic, ergonomic technologies able to operate 24/7/365, with low power consumption and minimal maintenance required.

We develop exceptional quality displays for demanding needs, ensuring each product is high-brightness, flicker-free, low-maintenance and ultra-high resolution.

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